Amarakaeri communal Reserve Problem

Natural Resources extraction in Peru without the consent of the Native communities that are owners of the lands, it is very sab and disappointing that those big companies use their money and influence to corrupt natives, politicians, and even the Peruvian president in order to get what they want.

Somehow after the Amarakaeri communal Reserve was created the state decided to start oil and natural gas explorations, since 2005 Hunt Oil is exploring and extraction natural resources in the area illegally without the authorization of the native communities who are actually the real owners of the reserve who have been living in the area for centuries.

The Peruvian authorities are liars, cheaters, and corrupt because the natives of the area together with the state originally created the reserve to protect the flora, fauna and the people who lives in the reserve.

In 2005 after 3 years of the Amarakaeri Reserve creation the Peruvian state started to show their real intentions. It’s very sad to know that the 90% of the park was giving to Hunt Oil for oil and gas extractions; it is already 2014 well.. about 2015 and the extraction activities are continuing so, what should we call the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve now?

Below is a documentary made by David Suzuki that expose the Canadian Dorato Resourses and the North American Hunt Oil companies.