Manu Park New Poison frog Species

There are many rare beautiful creatures in the hearth, in one of my trips to Manu Park with Prathima and her beautiful Canadian Family. The trip was great and I believe the ksp-poison-frogids enjoyed the tour as well, we did see a lot of birds as well as some mammals, the trip was long time ago and do remember few about the tour.

The last week looking for some amphibian photos I did find the photos from our tour and there was this frog we did find but couldn’t tell what specie it was, I knew for sure it was a poison frog do.

After spent ours looking for information about this I could find any and finally after talk with some biologist I find out it was a NEW SPECIE. Waoo, I just could not believe we actually did find a new species of poison frog.

I do know now that there are currently scientist studying this new species, hopefully in the future they will name this species and provide full information about its distribution in the area.